Simple and easy banana bread

Baking has become a part of our lives, not only us, but for everyone who is in lockdown, so much so that there is a shortage of flour in France. On one hand, I have to save the remaining flour for any future emergencies and on the other, I wanted to bake a cake. 

After all, we have got to live the slowlife we have always been wanting and what is slowliving without baking a cake? Atleast mine should have a cake, any kind of cake. But keeping in mind the precious ressource that flour has become in the current situation, I decided to go with a recipe that needs less of it but still delicious. And the bananas that were silently ripening in a corner of the kitchen where I forgot them was just one more reason to bake this banana bread.

Let's go to the recipe.

  • Pre-heat the oven to 165°C
  • Mix together the sugar and butter first and then add the cream
  • Add the baking powder, cinnamon powder, salt and the flour
  • Add the egg and mashed bananas at last and mix everything (preferably with an electric mixer) till you get a homogenous batter
  • Pour the batter in a buttered cake pan and bake it at 165°C for 55 to 60 min
That's it, easy and simple like that and you get a moist and fluffy cake.

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