Bruges was one of the cities I was eager to visit. I have heard about the colorful houses, pretty streets and above all, the ambiance of the small Belgian town and its people which make it a pleasure to spend a day in here.

Bruges is 3 hours by car from Paris. This little city is well known for tourists and it is a good day trip if you are visiting Brussels or Ghent.

The center of the town is the Market Place called 'Markt' (Grand Place) with gingerbread houses and restaurants. You can find the Belfort of Bruges tower here that you can climb to have a view of the city. There are horse carriages everywhere available for hire to go around the town like in old times.

For lunch, we chose the restaurant 'De Beurz' at the market place. They serve traditional Flemish specialties and mussels and french fries. The food was good and the staff were so kind. But later, for the purpose of this review I looked at their reviews, and they were so bad. But overall, I had a good experience. So, try at your own risk.

After walking all we can around the town, in the evening, we had a drink at Groot Vlaenderen. It's a nice bar for pre and post dinner drinks with stylish, luxurious interiors and lot of choices of amazing drinks. It's a wonderful place to have a drink if you are in Bruges.

We had dinner at Ribs n Beer, a cool restaurant for ribs. They even have a 'all you can eat menu' with unlimited juicy pork ribs cooked in delicious sauces.

The city is filled with cute cafés and cake shops and they are nicely decorated with a minimal and clean taste. Stop at any of the little cafés to have a pastry and a tea or coffee. My personal recommendation would be "That's Toast".

Bruges is a town to stroll around taking in one pretty shop, one cute street at a time. Even though you can go around Bruges in half a day, I would prefer walking around leisurely and taking in everything the place has to offer.

Let me know in the comments if you have been to Bruges. See you till then !

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