A weekend in Brussels

Paris is the only European capital I have ever visited. It is, in fact where I'm living now. So last weekend I went to Brussels after panning at last minute. That is the kind of life that I would like everyone to have, including me; going away where you like and when you like. 

We spent one night in Brussels in a not-so-bad hotel because we didn't want to spend a lot just for a night. We didn't have plans to visit anything in particular. It was not a touristic visit; we just needed a break. So we just walked around looking at shops and people.

Now, did I like Brussels? Yes and no, because I had my own imagination of Brussels and so, I was a little disappointed. But still, the city is charming and very friendly, with a lot of pedestrian streets. I will let you see the city via pictures that I managed to capture. 

We didn't have enough time to try out many restaurants since we were there only for the weekend. So, we decided to have burgers for lunch and found Manhattn's. The burgers were good and are correctly priced. There are a lot of restaurants that serve Mussels and sea food. For dinner, we were at the drug Opera. They serve a large variety of dishes and everyone can find something they like. I absolutely recommend these 2 places.

Apartment No. 17 is a concept store that offers different worlds : Antique furniture and curiosity , fashion items, trendy gadgets, candles and a very nice ready to wear and accessories selection for women. This concept is in an unusual setting and decor close to the Grand place of Brussels. It is the ideal place to find a unique gift , a "coup de coeur". The shop changes its decor every month and offers fashion news weekly. You can also enjoy a coffee or a delicious delicacy .

This shop is a must visit place if you are curious about concept stores like me :)

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