Little things of life...#3

Hello everyone, happy Monday! The past week was wonderful and I can't wait to share with you what happened.

1. If you don't know yet, I am a lover of flee markets and yard sales. I never miss one when it happens near my place. So I went to one such in my mother-in-law's town and this rustic tea set is my fabulous find!

Being a tea addict but not having a kettle is not fair. So I went searching for at least a teapot when this pretty vintage tea set winked at me. The kettle and the little cups are all in vintage metal and the tray is in bamboo I think. And what's even wonderful is that I got it for 1€!

2. The weather was beautiful on that day but it was still chilly. So I had to wear my turtleneck t-shirt. This is one of my favorite outfits because it is very comfortable and easy to wear. And, do you see the toe rings? It's because I'm a married woman now :)

Turtleneck - Zara / Pants - Bershka / Platform sandals - Gemo 

3. I'm still doing the decor of my apartment. It's nearly over but I'm in need of a vintage pharmacist vase (brown glass vase). That's one of the reasons I don't miss any garage sales. In the mean time, I saw that wall galleries are the trend now. But I don't want to buy any prints online and frame them. Instead, I drew this.

This is called 'Sikku kolam' in Tamil (my mother tongue). This is a design that Indians draw at the entrance of their houses to shoo away bad spirits. It's also called Rangoli in most parts of India. The copper bowl cum candle holder is from CASA  that I bought when I was in Belgium last month.

4. Continuing with art, this is a guest fingerprint tree from our church wedding. This is a simple and wonderful idea that I found in Pinterest. The tree template can be downloaded and printed from the internet or you can draw yourself one like I did here. It feels more authentic because it's your wedding!

5. The husband goes often to Belgium for work and this time he brought back these beers. He bought it especially for the fun stickers on the bottle. You know, MEN!

6. I am a martini lover. I am not into hard alcohols. I like softer ones like wine and porto. The weather starts to feel like summer in Paris. So, a glass of martini has (almost) become a routine when I come home after work.

Do you have anything interesting that happened to you over the week? Do share here :)

Take care

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