Green party by jamini

Holà people! How are you all doing? This week, I went to a green workshop called the Green party organised by Jamini and Jardinière Sauvage at the Jamini store in Paris. I am always interested in attending little workshops because they are fun, you learn new things and what you learn can even become your hobby (=buy more plants).

The workshop is all about plants and how to have a urban jungle in your small apartment. It was animated by the wonderful Rebecca of Jardinière Sauvage. So if you are in Paris, check out her collection of plants and other garden accessories. She delivers the plants in Paris by bicycle.

A few words about Jamini - Jamini is the brainchild of Usha who is from Assam in North-Eastern India. Jamini is all about the art-de-vivre and interior deco with a mix of Indian and Western cultures.

Now, if you read me regularly (you don't?!), you may know that I moved to a new apartment recently and I found a new love for plants. We have got a few plants in the house, but, neither the husband nor I have green thumbs and we don't want our plants to die (nooo!). So I needed to go to this workshop and I was not disappointed. 

Rebecca taught us how to choose plants when we buy, how to re-pot them, and some wonderful ideas to have a beautiful green interior.

I also met interesting people like Camille from Marmille blog, Justine from Sweety Oxalis blog, Judith who is the author of Urban jungle book (you must follow her Instagram to see fantastic green interiors) and Elodie Love from the Flower blog

Overall it was a wonderful evening with a glass of Rosé and beautiful people!

In love with this vine


Book written by Judith

Take care

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