One sunny day

Finally, the sun is out in Paris! That means time to take out the high-heeled sandals. It has been grey and rainy for the past week here. It feels good to have some sunshine when it's summer elsewhere. 

I went for a walk around the Louvre museum this Saturday. I kept it simple with pastel pants, because it is still spring! Though it was sunny, there was a slightly chilly wind. So I threw this leather jacket over to complete the outfit. And I was so happy to wear my ankle-strap sandals. I have quite a collection of them.This bag from Parfois is my go-to one right now. I love this brand for their accessories. 

So, is it summer where you are from? How do you find this look? 

Talk to you in next post. Till then, catch me in Instagram: @thefrenchwife

Leather jacket - Serge Pariente
Pastel pants - Bershka (old collection)
T-shirt - Jennyfer (old collection)
Shoes - La Redoute
Bag - Parfois

Take care


  1. Loved the outfit re. I loved the jacket the most. I have bought a new leather jacket in maroon. I hope to wear it soon..

    1. Thank you Appu! Would love to see it on you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! This has become my favourite bag!

  3. love the look stunning