Little things of life...#2

Hello people! Hope you are all doing great! I am a little bit sick at this moment with all the pollen giving me allergies. If not, everything is going great! So I am back with the 'Little things of the week' post #2.

1) I like having guests come over to my place. We hosted a young couple friend of ours (with a kid, I love kids!) and I was very excited. I was searching for ideas everywhere because they came over for dinner. I found this book 'Saveurs' that I bought long back but I couldn't find anything that pleased me. So finally settled with Indian food. You can't go wrong with Indian food :D

2) The sun came out in Paris finally and it was beautiful all week. So I walked around Paris. The joy of having a 'promenade' in Paris is bumping into artists in every corner. These young talents were near the Louvre museum and their music was lovely.  

3) The stroll (and the surprises) didn't stop there. I came across a very pretty florist in the 1er arrondissement of Paris. That's why you should take time to discover Paris by foot.

4) It was a long weekend for us in France and the temperature was rising. I met some friends that I haven't seen in years and it was so much fun talking about the good old days.  Everything was going fine until a mad man verbally aggressed me in a metro station in broad daylight. I am alright but it is scary to think what would have happened if it was physical assault or if there was no one around! Time to take some martial arts class or buy a pepper spray.

5) I am a lover of flee markets. I go to every flee market that is happening not far away from where I live. I am curious about things (and people, and everything). There was an antique flee market in Paris during the weekend at the Saint Paul village. I found very interesting antiquities but I didn't pick up any as none of them pleased me. 

6) Finally, FOOD! I was hungry after walking around for so long and wanted to eat whatever was available nearby. I found this 'crêperie' Crêpolog around the corner and I am so happy I tried it. They make delicious crêpes and galettes. I chose a smoothie (carrot, ginger, orange, yummy and healthy) to go with it. I definitely recommend this place. 

21 Rue Neuve Saint-Pierre 75004 Paris

Meet you with more stories next week!

Take care