Ile de Bendor - Bendor Island

On the boat and off to visit the Ile de Bendor
Hello everyone! Summer vacation is over and it is back-to-school time. Luckily this year, I got to spend the summer at my guy's grandparents' home. It was a beautiful coastal town in the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region of France with beautiful beaches. 

I have visited many places around and this is one is my favorite. It is the island of Bendor in the Mediterranean. A beautiful little island. No roads, no cars, You can access only on boats and there is a serenity five-star hotel overlooking the sea. The island is so small that you can visit the whole island in one hour walking along the coast. There are people living here in complete tranquility, admiring the beauty of the Mediterranean. 

To access the island, we took the ferry from the nearest city, Bandol. There are ferry services every 20 minutes to and from the island. After 10 minutes of ups and downs on the boat (Mediterranean can be very very agitated because of winds), we reached the port and what a sight it was! 

The first view was picturesque! Boats, pretty houses, greenery and the blue waters. We walked on the island along the coast and it was more beautiful. It was refreshing to see the waves clashing with the rocks. I have to mention that I am addicted to the blue waters of the Mediterranean. It was a refreshing sight. meThere are shops in the Bandol town where you can find designer dresses and accessories. I will let you see the pictures to view it better.

First view of the island!

The beautiful coast

The island is full of lovely views

Waves, lots of them

Wind always messing up my hair

Spent time clicking these moments

My shot - one shot
Some artisan shops

Don't know who did it. Some kind of ritual maybe?
There will be more posts on this topic because the places are just amazing and less visited. This will give you some options for your future trips. Have you already visited France?

Take care


  1. wow!!
    The pictures are just so great :) :) I loved the beach and coast line babe.. enjoy :)

  2. It looks incredibly beautiful there. You're lucky you were able to experience it.


  3. C'est très mignon là bas :)

  4. Trop jolie !

  5. C'est très beau là bas dit donc :)