Paris - Rue Cremieux

The street
Paris was having a beautiful weather since 2 weeks and I had to enjoy it to the maximum. When my favorite Instagrammers in Paris posted some really pretty pictures of this little Parisian street, I had to visit it. So last weekend I strolled around Paris to see this pretty street and the Jardin des Plantes. I know that the Parisian streets are beautiful. But this one is really stunning. I was totally awestruck to find this cute corner amidst the hustle-bustle of a busy city. When you enter it, you forget all the traffic around and get the feeling of a vacation spot. I was lost in the middle of all the pretty pastel houses. The pictures will tell you why.

Pretty houses

Pretty doors

Pretty street (&Pretty me :P )
Pastel houses
More pastel houses
The Jardin des Plantes was covered with beautiful flowers and cherry blossoms. A must visit place in Paris. It has a Paleontology gallery and a museum.

Skirt = Mim / T-shirt = Bershka / Cardigan = H&M / Coat = Etam / Sneakers = Kiabi


  1. beautiful HD wallpapers....

  2. Thank you @Preethi <3
    @Ruby It is a very beautiful place :)