MAC Vintage Rose Cream blush

Finally I have my first cream blush! I am not much into makeup and I don't hoard makeup. So I wanted to have one staple blush which will always go well with my skin tone. I finally settled down for MAC Vintage Rose.

It is a multi-usage cream color base. I have olive skin tone (warm) with yellow undertones. So I opted for a blush with orange-pink base. I use my fingers to apply it. I don't prefer a stippling brush because I can control the amount of blush when I use my fingers. And building up the colour is easy as it is easily blend-able. I just started wearing it and I am loving it so far. It has a pretty good staying power. 

It comes in a flip open case and fits in your palm. So it is easy to slide into your bag for touch-ups. 

Price : 21 Euros

What are your favorite blushes ladies?

Take care


  1. Hey.. This one actually looks good :)
    I think I should try it :)

  2. Try it Appu. It will look good on you.