Love has no colour-lipstick fun!

When I had been to India during the spring vacation, I was pampered (read spoilt) a lot by almost everyone. When I returned, I tried out everything I brought with me like a mad kid. This lipstick is one such thing. 

It was gifted by someone who doesn't have even a slightest idea of makeup-the guy got me this along with some other stuff. Though I love everything, I couldn't wait to try this out.

I have seen it during some local festivals in my town. Though it changes colour when applied and fun to use, I was never tempted to get it. Then, I was a don't-buy-poor-thing kid. But cheap stuff become a cherished one when gifted by someone special !*_*

The colour is sheer and I had to apply a lot to build the colour.

Have you tried any fun make-up stuff like this? What is your cherished gift? Do share ladies :)

Take care
P.S: Sorry for the lack of posts. I am not well-settled at the moment. Student life, you know...:\ 


  1. I have used such a lipstick too. It gives a natural color.:)

    1. Ya Niesha. It looks natural when applied mildly.

  2. Love how the lipstick looks :D , Really cool :D
    xoxo <3

  3. I've used this lip balm/ lipstick..first when you'll apply on your lips there is no colour but after few minute beautiful pink colour appear..i called it magic lip balm...

  4. This is something interesting and new to me :)

  5. How cute! I remember I had a lipstick that change color too! But I did not like the color of the one I had...
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  6. Wow! should try this one :D I've seen it many a times, but never really tried it!