♥ Herborist Re-energizing Cream For Face-Reviews & Swatches

 I never used moisturizer for face in India because of my normal skin. But France is not the same. With harsh winters, my skin is thirsty for moisturizers. And I started to hunt for a daily moisturizer. Whenever I want to search for products, I straight away land in Sephora. Then I read reviews, make a list and visit Sephora. I was thinking of buying from Clarins or Clinique. But at last ended up buying this.

I saw some of my Chinese friends using Herborist products. So when the Chinese SA suggested me to try Herborist Re-Energizing Cream, I fell in love with it for its texture and the typical Chinese Ingredient-Ginseng (and patriotism! yes, Chinese SA+Chinese product+me Indian=Patriotic Asian :P )

It comes in a white glass pot and it's very heavy. The lid has flower designs and there is a small plastic lid inside. There is a plastic spatula to take out the product. So hygienic!

 Lots of chemical names with the special ingredients being
Ginseng root-toning properties
 Peach Flower Extract-moisturizing and unifying properties
Chaste tree fruit extracts-anti oxidant properties

The cream is so thin that it feels like a lotion but not runny. It's white as snow and gets absorbed easily.

   What Herborist says  
This soft texture cream is specially formulated with traditional Chinese herbal extracts from Prunus Persica Flower, Vitex Trifolia Fruit Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract. The active ingredients contained in this formula will penetrate within your skin to deliver a concentrated skin care of your dull, pale or haggard skin. It gives you the radiant and luminous skin.

   How to apply  
After cleanser, toner and serum, apply an appropriate amount (about the size of 2 pearls) onto your face.

Partially blended - With flash
Partially blended - without flash
   My experience   
I don't like my face looking oily when I use creams but at the same time I like to have a glow. This cream is luminous after applying and is absorbed well by the skin. It imparts elasticity and my skin feels firm when I use it. It moisturizes well. I don't feel dryness and my skin looks normal all day long. It smells like raw green plants/leaves and it doesn't bother me. It has unified my skin tone and I'm loving my skin. I'm using it everyday after cleansing my face. At night, I continue Biotique Bio-Coconut Whitening and Brightening cream. After using for about 2 weeks now, I feel my skin sooo soft, well and evenly toned, luminous and what not?!

Fully blended - with flash

Fully blended - without flash

Suitable for dry to normal skin types
Contains Ginseng
Moisturizes well 
Makes skin firm and luminous
Provided with a spatula
Gets absorbed well 

Weird smell may be a problem for sensitive noses
Very dry skin people may need to re-apply
Heavy package
Not travel friendly

32 Euros for 50gm in Sephora
 (I got for 25 Euros with Sephora's loyalty card, yippee!)

On the whole, I strongly...yeah 'strongly' recommend this product for everyday use for normal and dry skinned beauties (if you don't have sensitive nose :P ). I'm loving my skin after using it!

Rating - 4.7/5 

Take care


  1. Hi Shylu Nice review dear Hope u r doing great :)

  2. Lovely Review Shylu.

    I love the bottle it looks so nice and elegant. :)

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

  3. wow shylu great product !!!

  4. do you know where this can be purchased in the U.S.? Or what site online you can order from to have it delivered to the U.S.? Thanks.

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