♥ Kiss Beauty Blusher/Bronzer-Baked Powder

Kiss Beauty has again proved to be a brand worth investing. I already have a Kiss Beauty blusher palette and I love it. My first bronzer is also from the same brand. It is totally inexpensive and I sooo love it <3

It is a baked blusher cum bronzer which suits all skin tones especially dusky ones (me me me!) It's fairly pigmented and it performs like a high end product-no chalkiness, no fall outs, etc. The color is easily buildable with a brush. The package is quite sturdy and cute. It's easy to use, apt for travelling.

It is made in CHINA and thus not a popular brand and I really don't understand what they try to say at the back of the product(?!) Or did they use the Google translator to translate from some other language?! Anyways, that is not our concern and after all a bronzer is a bronzer for all beauty addicts, he...he:D

There was another shade, perfectly golden which will suit fair skinned girls and I am happy that I chose this.

Price: 75 INR. Found it in my home town during a shopping spree:)

Take care


  1. wow..this is beautiful and so cheap..:)

  2. omg ! im in love with this shade !
    Is it available every where?
    xoxo <3


    1. I think you can find it online Shan. But not sure. If I find it anywhere online, I'l tel you:)

  3. Pretty shade Princess :) At 75, its a steal!