♥ Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash

Today's review is men's stuff. It's Garnier Men Oil Clear Face wash. Skin care for men is catching up pace with that of women and Garnier contributes significantly to it. To know more about the launch and company claims, visit my post here.

So, as all of you would have started thinking by now whether "I" tried it, the answer is no. It was tried and tested by my BF and he sent these pics. Men don't know how much we get involved in posting reviews. Yes, I don't like the pictures:( Anyways, now off to the review.

What Garnier says: All day oil-free feel. Formulated with oil absorbing mineral clay and Cyro-menthol.Cleanses without drying the skin.

Price: 74 INR for 50 gm and 140 INR for 100 gm.

Packaging: It comes in a black tube with graphic labels. I love the combination of black and green. The cap is flip open type and just squeeze the tube to get the cream and the tube is handy.

About the face wash: It has refreshing smell (because of menthol I think) and a decent amount is enough to give you a clean face. It cleanses excess oil on the face and leaves it fresh. Since south India is not so dry during winters, there was no feeling of dryness. If you are in Delhi or so, use a moisturizer after cleansing. But this is more suited to use in summers. The claim of all day oil free face is not fully covered. The freshness doesn't stay all day. It depends on the type of work you do, the climate and your skin type.

Overall, I recommend this product for men as it is not expensive and delivers freshness instantly. Catch a small tube, slip it in your sports bag or office bag and stay fresh before a meeting or date and for all important occasions! And all lovely ladies can gift it to your beloved men!

Rating: 4/5 

Take care
Product samples sent by company for reviewing. It doesn't affect my review in any way.


  1. Nice Review..I am gonna recommend this to My hubby .,..

  2. Nice review Shy..:)
    My brother was using it a couple of months ago..:)

  3. Great review! I will tell my husband about this. I don't buy him skin care products for he prefer buying for his own. So I guess I will just let him read about this product for I know he needs this.

  4. Yes , That true Garnier will Definitely work...

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