♥ Deborah Milano 24 ORE eyeliner

Heya sweeties! Here's the review of my first felt tip eye liner and first Deborah Milano product- Deborah Milano 24 ORE eyeliner pen in shade 01 Intense Black.

What the company says:

Felt tip-easy application
Ophthalmologically tested

Packaging: The Deborah Milano eyeliner pen is like a regular pen/sketch pen with felt tip that is sharp and soft. It doesn't deform with usage and remains in shape for precise lining. It is weightless and can easily be slipped in your bag for touch ups and while traveling.

Price: 400 INR

The shade is 01 Intense Black and it is not much pigmented. So one swipe is not enough. You need 2-3 swipes to get normal black color and more if you want to build color. 

Staying power: It stays for 4-5 hours and starts to fade after that. But you can always have it handy for touching up. It is not water proof. It doesn't smudge but faded after rubbing hard. It stains eyelids when you sweat or if your eyelids are oily.

I don't get it always perfect:( Need practice. 

         One and two swipes                                                                     After rubbing with fingers

+Easy to apply
+Easily available
+Fine tip
+Doesn't smudge

-No ingredients list
-No other shades
-Not much pigmented
-Not waterproof
-Not suitable if your eyelids are oily and on hot/sweaty days.

To sum up, this is an average product. I recommend this for touch ups and experimenting. 

Rating:  3/5

Have you used it? What do you think of it? Share in comments:)

Take care


  1. decent product but not a must have..your eyes are really pretty ! <3