♥ Banjara's Carrot gel

When Banjara's brand was launched, it was really popular among people because of it's wide range of products at low prices. I found this Banjara's product that my friend was using and decided to try myself.

The Banjara's Carrot gel is for anti-ageing. Carrots have rich anti-ageing properties with ingredients like retinol and carotene. So it is advised to include carrots, greens and yellow and orange fruits/vegetables in our daily diet. 

Packaging: It comes in a fat plastic bottle (or tub?!). The outside square shaped carton is simple and pretty with carrot pictures!

Price: 60 INR for 85 gms.

What does the company claim? Banjara's carrot gel has natural carotenes which help in moisturising and anti-ageing treatment. It takes it's immediate effect as soon as it is applied and supports healthy working of cutaneous tissue which contributes to its restoration. The vitamin A in carrot gel helps in repairing dermic damage caused due to sun's rays.

How to apply: Clean face and apply and gently massage.

The gel is light orange and transparent jelly like thing (so cute!) in the bottle but totally clear when you take it out. As soon as you apply it, it gives a chilling effect on your face and the gel gets absorbed quickly. It gives a fresh feeling and the skin feels soft and smooth after applying. As a moisturiser it works well. It doesn't make my skin dry and it has a nice cologne smell. But the anti-ageing part is not fulfilled. Even though it is not for me and I'm at my early 20's, I feel that this product doesn't do much for anti-ageing.

+Pretty carton and bottle.
+Product looks appealing :drool:
+Not expensive
+Gives freshness and smoothness after applying
+No wastage of product
+A little bit of product is enough
+No side effects
+Suitable for all skin types
+ Convenient to use under make up

-Not hygienic. You have to dip your fingers to take product.
-No effects on anti-ageing
-Availability may be a problem
-No ingredients list

Overall, it can be used by everyone for a daily little dose of nourishment because of CARROTS, reasonable price and the freshness effect. 

Have you used it ladies? How did it work for you? Do share your views:) And don't forget my first international giveaway!

Take care


  1. Nice Review dear...I have used this one n not that much satisfied :)

  2. very interessting post, love it <3

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  3. i love gel based products :)

    1. Me too Supriya! Just for the chillness they give when you apply:D

  4. I have not tried Banja yet, but i will do it soon.
    nice review shy!!

  5. i have been using banjaras aloevera gel, and i love its cooling effect.
    i will give this a try,looks good.


    1. Do try and share your views Aswathy:)