♥ EverYuth Naturals Cucumber Face Pack

I have used 2 products from Ever Yuth Naturals-Orange peel off mask and walnut scrub. The scrub worked well for me and the peel off mask did nothing (not only to me but for everyone I think!). Now, when this is the case, I tried another product from the brand- Cucumber face pack. I prefer to use home made face packs much.

What Everyuth says...: Your skin needs INTENSIVE CARE every week as dust, pollution and harsh sunrays harm its texture, etc. Everyuth Cucumber Face pack has neem, lemon, turmeric to purify your skin. 

Package: It comes in a white flip open tube.

Directions: Cleanse your face. Apply the face pack evenly on your face and neck. Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes and then was off.

Price: 50 INR for 60 gm

Everyuth Naturals Cucumber face pack is for normal to oily skin people. It is thick and you have to mix it with water to apply easily. It is a very pale green cream. It dries very quickly. So apply before it dries.

The pack tightens the skin and reduces the pores. It gives a tingling sensation when applied and it is hard to remove after it dries. It gives a clean feeling and the skin feels soft and glowing. This is a good product to try.

+Makes skin clean and glowing
+Travel friendly
+Available easily
+Good quantity for the price

-Tingling sensation (due to active ingredients)
-Not suitable for dry skin
-Smell could have been better

Take care

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  1. This face pack is really very good. I have used it . It gives you very good result.

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