♥ New Garnier Men PowerLight Sweat + Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser

Skin damages in summer is not only for girls but for boys too and so is the skin care. Garnier Men's range has a new addition- the new "Garnier Men Power Light Sweat + Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser".

What Garnier says about this...
Adding to a repertoire of technologically advanced skin care and body care products, Men’s Grooming expert Garnier Men announced the launch of the all new Garnier Men PowerLight Sweat + Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser to tackle problems like sweat, oily and dull looking skin caused by the sweltering heat.

Garnier Men PowerLight Sweat + Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser is the 1st fairness Moisturiser, specifically made for Indian men, with a light, non sticky formula; enriched with brightening lemon extract and perlite, that makes skin look visibly fairer and keeps it sweat and oil free, even in humid conditions. Catering to the grooming needs of the image conscious men, Garnier Men’s range offers facewashes, moisturizers and body deodorants. With this latest addition in PowerLight range, men can stay sweat free and not be bothered with oily skin & skin darkening this summer. Now, experience fairness without sweat and oiliness!

·     It gives:

      # Intensive Fairness Action – Enriched with brightening lemon extract, makes skin visibly fairer immediately and gives a lasting fair look

·    # Intensive sweat + oil-control action – The formula containing perlite, which has 5 times the absorbing  power of talc* helps keep skin clean, sweat and oil free.

Garnier MEN PowerLight SWEAT + OIL CONTROL in available in two sizes, 20g and 50 g, and retails at MRPs of Rs 85 and Rs 170 respectively.


Here is the link to the new television commercial –


So what are you waiting for girls. Get them for your beloved men ;)

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  1. Hi. I am thinking to give it a try. Heard good feedback from some websources. I tend to be an outdoorsy person walking in the sun always. Guess will see how it benefits. What is your take on the product?