♥ Garnier Pure Active Blackheads uprooting scrub

Hey dearies, today's review is Garnier Pure Active Blackheads uprooting scrub. We have already heard the ad campaign about the Pure Active range and it was very funny. Now here is the review...

Packaging: It comes in a regular tube package with a graphical label.

Price: 79 INR for 50 gm

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, setyl alcohol, stearic acid, peg-7 glyceryl cocoate, sodium laureate sulphate, palmitic acid, steareth-21, polyethylene, salicylic acid, coco betaine, etc... a huge list (refer pic).

Texture: The consistency is neither to runny nor too thick. It has minute scrubs which gives a good scrubbing effect.

The smell is very fresh - mint smell. It makes me feel fresh but people with sensitive eyes and nose will not like it. Since I don't have blackheads, I gave it to my mom. After using for so long, I don't see any reduction of black heads on her nose. But it gives a fresh and cool face. I'l definitely say a no to this one for people who have acne because the scrub may be rough on them and cause breakouts.

Other products from Pure Active range will be reviewed shortly:)

Take care
Product samples sent by company for reviewing. It doesn't affect my review in any way.


  1. hmmm.. i dont think it will work on my skin...nice review

  2. nowadays im too lazy to review products....

    1. Ya me too Vanu.I uploaded the photos and all my posts are in drafts:(

  3. Nice Review Shy,,.. I am struggling with whiteheads though..:)

  4. nice review...i have white heads...:(

  5. nice review,:) would try this out ...

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