♥ Nature's Essence Under eye cream

I have heard about under eye creams but I never had the need for one. But when my mom was complaining about dark circles because of night shifts, I wanted to get one. The SA suggested Nature's Essence.I bought it since it has potato and almond extracts (I know that potato can reduce dark circles).

Ingredients: Potato extract, Geranium ol, Cederwood oil and Sesame oil.

Price: 85 INR for 40 gm

Shelf life: 3 years

The product claims to reduce under eye dark circles and moisturize the eye area.

Usage: Massage for 5 minutes the eye area and wipe it after 30 min or leave it overnight.The cream is not thick and is easy to massage. A little amount is enough for both the eyes. The single tub will last long and can be used for a year or more. I take some in my ring fingers and massage around my eyes at night. It is soothing and makes me feel light. I don’t have severe dark circles. It does not remove dark circles completely but relaxation to eyes. It is oily when applied and sometimes it gets into my eyes while sleeping because it melts because of my body heat. So it irritates my eyes. 

I find the tub package unhygienic. The smell is pleasant and reminds me of spa scents. I use this product not every day but occasionally whenever I need some treatment for my eyes.


It is affordable
Smells good
Ingredients are natural
The cream is easy to apply.
Right price - Right Quantity


Not easily available
Tub packaging is unhygienic
Does not cure dark circles completely
Not suitable for oily sinned people

Take care


  1. hmm it isn't for me then..
    m again facing dark circle issues :\

    Thanks for the review girl :)

  2. U can try aroma magic under eye gel in case of severe dark circles :) I thot tis was gng to wrk ut sigh it doesn't :\

  3. wow....nice....going to try it soon :)

  4. nice review dear.. i am currently using aroma magic one ..<3

  5. Nice review Shylu.. Aroma magic almond cream and gel are effective..Do try if the dark circles get unmanageable!

  6. @Niesha: Thanx Niesha:)
    @Addicted to Nailpaints: Will definitely try Aroma Magic cream:)

  7. does nt cure dark circles :( then no no noooo

  8. better to stay away!! thx fr the info shy :)...Try the rich feel under eye gel,its very good....I am using that since last month...

  9. Good thing there are already various eye cream reviews found online that can be used in order to serve as a guide when choosing the best eye cream.

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