♥ My lovely blush palette review

Hi girls!
           Blush has joined my make up kit now after I tried out my first blush-Jordana Blush in Blushing Rose. I'm afraid that I am obsessed with them :O Since I'm dusky I don't know which shade to use and I was confused. Couple of weeks back I went with my friends for a little shopping. I was scanning the shop and I found new blush palettes.My spirits went high. The one I saw first was very shimmery and had only pink shades which won't suit my skin:(But the SA showed me another one:). And I got.....THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS...:D

It had all the colours I love and I need.The moment I saw it, the devil inside me jumped out and added it to my shopping bag before I could control it(I din't really want to control it:P) It has become my current love:)Now off to the review...

It is not a branded product but still it performs like one! It is called "Kiss Beauty illuminating Blusher".The palette has eight colours. Hmm...to say...from Peaches to Pinks?!:) All of them are wonderful shades and gives a matte finish suitable for daily wear.It is not very pigmented but a decent amount shows off well on the cheeks. It can also be used for contouring. Using a soft brush works good making it easy to blend but the same results can't be achieved using fingers.

Packaging: The packaging is of box type and it is simple and classy in black.The lid is transparent.The cakes don't chip and it is not very powdery.The box is easy to carry around and fits in your bag.

Have a closer look!


I love the shades 4,5,6 and 7. They are neutral and gives a natural warm look to my dusky skin. The finish is matte and it looks gorgeous when I applied it over Oriflame Very me Peach Me Perfect skin glow. It got added to the shimmers in the Oriflame skin glow cream and it stayed put without fading!

Staying power: It stays on for 5-6 hours with slight fading.
Price: Any guesses...? Fine it's just Rs.104(Devil became happy.Me too:D)

One thing that needs to be mentioned is it smells very good. Something I can't get what it smells like.A candy or perfume may be...Whatever it be.It's good. I have never heard of a blush smelling like that! And it is also mentioned that it has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

+The shades in the palette!
+The packaging is good and travel friendly
+Staying power
+Its price
+Smells good

-Brand not famous so don't know if I can find it next time:(
-No ingredient list
-No brush (not a con at this price) and... no more.I just love it!

More pics

With flash

Natural light

Take care


  1. I really like the number 2,4,5, and 7.look good on your hand anyway :D but this box is really cute and a steal at the price too! Sometimes local brands produce excellent stuff! and the scent is such a great addition! xoxo

  2. pretty shades and great deal to steal..

  3. Very detailed review and nice photos.

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  5. loved 2 n 4
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  6. Love review :) and colors

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  8. The palette is so pretty! :D
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  9. I like the coral one the best:)

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  11. Am following you too , ur page is very pretty just like it's name :) where are u from girl? and this blush shade is damn good do u know which online site sells it? man! it's cheap , am not a blush friendly girl, hardly use it , but would like to buy this one....it's cheap and even if i don;t use it , it's not gonna hurt ;)

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  13. definitely want this because of the practicality of having 8 blush in one compact.