♥ Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin glow in shade Light

I'm not a make up person and I don't even use powder. When I was searching for a good foundation to start with, I came across Oriflame Very Me Peach Me moisturiser. I went through reviews and found it to be good and it was something like a tinted moisturiser. I was curious to see how it looks on me and ordered through an Oriflame representative. There are 2 shades-light and dark. I forgot to specify the shade and before I realized my mistake she ordered it in shade Light. I'm dusky and how would light shade suit me?  It was too late and I compromised myself that atleast my mom can wear it. But I too tried it. It was wonderful. It is actually a bronzing moisturiser.

The packaging is good in black with orange cap. It is easy to squeeze out the cream from the tube but the quantity is less:(

The cream is not much consistent and is easy for blending. It has peach smell and has minute shimmers. But it wont be seen unless you see in bright light. It gives medium coverage and a dewy finish. It is sheen and gives a  nice glow to face. I applied a matte blush over it. But still I could see shimmers which looks rich and gorgeous.


see the shimmer-with flash

unblended-natural light

blended-natural light

The product is not too oily but gives a decent shine. It is suitable for normal to dry skin. But it may look a little oily for oily skins and in summers. It doesn't have SPF. So you have to apply sunscreen.

I completely love this product and this is the first face make up product I am using:).Will do a FOTD someday with it.But don't laugh people:P

Price: Rs.279


+Good staying power.
+Texture is smooth.
+Easy to blend.
+Smell is pleasant.
+Travel friendly package.


-Available only in 2 shades.
-Available only through Oriflame representatives.
-Less quantity for the price.
-Little coverage.
-Contains Paraben

Take care


  1. looks promising..somehow i m always disappointed with oriflame...nice blog shy...


  2. some of oriflame products are real bad!!

    1. I agree with you. I bought a concealer which I never opened the second time!

  3. Was looking reviews about this product..
    and i stumbled on ur blog :)
    you have nice clean blog. :)
    I am dusky and i have oily skin..
    does this suit me ?
    i dont want any shine or anything, but it should cover my pimple marks and should'nt tend to oil..
    Can i use this ?

    visit my space too:

  4. Hi Appu:) Mee to dusky, I guess somewhere b/w MAC NC 42 and 44. But I didn't find it too bad for me because I used a little amount for a dewy finish. But you can always settle it with a matte powder. It doesn't give full coverage and if you try to use more to build coverage, then you get lot of shimmer. So not suitable for covering pimple marks. My suggestion would be to try a BB cream which answers all your needs! Hope this helps you:)
    Take care sweety!

  5. I too wear oriflame peach me perfect light! Its great to wear as a foundation under pressed powder, Or just wear it evenly when you don't feel like full make up for the day. You're right, the quantitiy is too small for its price, but personally I use like 1 pea size per use (more than that gets too oily for me), let it dry a little and I get a peachy glow. My first bottle still has around 20 more applications, and the last time I bought it was 6 months ago.Personally I love it,I ordered again! It gives moisture for my dry skin, and love the nice tone. Its my first oriflame product that I loved and being hooked on so far.

  6. Hey Shylu, came across your blog from another blogger whom I follow. I so love the look of your blog. it's so sweet and pretty. :)

    I just recently bought the Oriflame peach me in light and I found that not only does it leave a slight white cast on my face, but it also breaks me out every time I use it. :( I also have the olive - dusky skin tone and some how this product didnt suit me at all.

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

    1. Thank you Priyanka! Try using a very little amount:)

  7. hi... i have a combination skin type, color is fair with a tinge of baby pink ! i have been reading a lot about this product & want to buy it..please tell me should i buy one??? the catchy thing about it is the Glow !!

    1. It suits combination skin without breakouts.I would recommend it if you like to have a little shimmer and dewy glow :)

  8. Hi, I used this recently.. wanted to cover a sudden breakout pimple with it. It didnt really conceal it but yeah gave a blended look. My question is it is moisturizer alright.. but its also kinda makeup base right.. so it has to be removed before sleeping right ?