♥ My first blush from Jordana cosmetics-37 Blushing rose

Hi everyone.Long back in my post here, I shared my first online purchase. I got my first blush in my first online purchase. I have never been a make up person and after I started reading beauty blogs, I was interested in getting me a blush. Since I am still a student, I couldn't afford to buy anything pricey. So I was searching everwhere and I came across the Jordana blush. It was cheap and there are many shades. But a sad thing to mention is the product I received was damaged and it slipped from my hands by mistake and the cake was broken.

Its broken:(

Shade: 37 Blushing rose
This is the shade given in the Jordana cosmetics website

Price: Rs.208 

Packaging: The packaging is round and shiny. The quantity is appropriate for the price. The packaging small and it is difficult to hold. It will fit nicely in your palm. The lid is transparent which makes it easy to identify the shade.

The blush cake is very delicate and it can flake if handled harshly. The texture is smooth and it can be easily blended. There is shimmer and it is indicated as 'P' which means Pearl Reflective Colour. It is better to use a brush because when I used my fingers, it stuck to my fingers and I had to take more product to apply.

Staying power: The staying power is good and it stayed for about 5-6 hours with slight fading.

Natural light

Shimmers in flash
It is well pigmented and a little amount clings to the cheeks well. It is powdery and the product will get wasted if it is used without care. There is no brush or mirror and we can't expect it for this price.

The shade 37 Blushing Rose is a sheer pink with a pearly reflective shine. You may check out the colours here. The colour is suitable for dusky to dark skin tones because pinks show well on dark skins.

+Well pigmented
+Wide range of shades (17 shades)
+Blends easily
+Good staying power
+Cute packaging

-No mirror or brush
-Very delicate blush cake
-Chips/flakes easily
-Can't use fingers
-Less quantity but that's not a big con for that price
-Not available everywhere (I got it online from here)

Have anyone tried Jordana blushes? Which is your favourite blush?

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  1. wow I love Jordana blush...I have two of these and love them........Nice blog ........:)