♥ MAC Perennial Pinks Spring Collection!

Its spring! And people has already started to look for spring collections and I have seen people sporting bright spring colours like greens, corals, oranges, yellows (it's summer in India, though). Pink has always been a colour of spring as it is denotes freshness of the blossoming flower. So MAC has launched a new collection for Spring loving Makeupholics! It is the new MAC Perennial Pinks Spring Collection!

The products available in this collection are:

v Sheen supreme Lipstick
Cremesheen Glass
Cremeblend Blush

The collection has 2 shades in each product.

Eye shadow -  Pink venus and Sushi Flower. Click here to shop. 
Price - 15$ (around 762 INR).

Sheen Supreme Lipstick- Behave yourself and Blossom culture. Click here to shop.
Price - 14.50$ (around 737 INR)

Cremesheen Glass - Fashion Scoop and Partial to Pink. Click here to shop.
Price - 19.50$ (around 990 INR)

Cremeblend Blush - Someting Special and So sweet,So easy. Click here to shop.
Price - 20$ (around 1016 INR)

The way it is represented is very cute. Blush and Shadow winged, Glossy bodied with lipstick antannae...
                                                                    Cosmetic Butterfly!

Take care