♥ Lakme Perfect Radiance Face wash

I was using pond's White Beauty Face wash and I love it a lot. But it doesn't suit my sis. While it made me bright, my sis was going dull. Maybe there's some problem with her skin or something. So when I went to buy it again she asked me to try something else and I ended up with Lakme Perfect Radiance Face wash.

mall.coimbatore.com-since no camera

First of all I liked the tube and the silvery wordings on it. The next one is the ingredient-White Lily and Sacred Lotus. This is something that I have never heard about and it seemed interesting too. It comes in a pink tube with a flip open cap. It's easy to use but the tube is a little fat. It is non-greasy and is somewhat similar to Pond's White Beauty face wash. The smell is mild and pleasant. Even a small amount gives good lather and makes you fresh.

For the first 2 days I was not satisfied and later on I felt OK. Its neither too good or too bad for me. But it works well for my sis. I can see the difference. Since I don't use even face powder, I need a face wash that will make me look fresh and bright. But it does that job only fairly. The tube lasts long, maybe roughly for 2 months.

I got it for Rs.79 (50 gm).
I rate this product 4/5
Will I repurchase? Yes, maybe for my sis.She likes it though...;)

Take care


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