♥ Everyuth Golden Glow Peel-Off

I know that its too late to review about this. But I just wanted to tell you about the not so worthy product that caught my eyes when I arranged my table.

What it claims?

It is a home facial with orange peel extracts and glitter particles , which gives you an instant glow and fairness when there's not time for a parlour facial. Its 3 way action works wonders on your skin by peeling away dirt and bacteria from within the skin pores. It stimulates blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin and gives an instant fairness with a golden glow.

But it doesn't live upto the claims. I can't see any effect after using it except for a clear and soft skin like when you get after using a good cleanser. And a little refreshing effect. That may be because of the thought that I had a facial. It has glitter particles as claimed and they are of no use and the nice part is they don't remain in the skin either when I removed it. It has good smell like some orange candy and the colour is appealing 0_0. It doesn't give any fairness as well. 

How to apply?

Wash face and pat dry. Apply evenly avoiding eye and mouth areas and don't apply a thin layer. Then it will be difficult for you to peel it off. Peel off after 15-20 min and wash off.

I got a small tube (30 g) for just testing. It is Rs.40. I won't buy it again because I don't see any results.It can be used by oily skin girls but those with acne be careful. I don't recommend this for you.


+Less priced
+Can be used when you have no time for a real facial
+Available in almost all stores
+Nice smell
+Suitable for all skin types


-Doesn't give you a real facial
-Contains paraben
-Doesn't give you fairness as claimed


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  1. nice honest review...will skip it...ur layout is loooking prettyyy...