♥ Bajaj Almond drops

When I was searching for fragrance oils, I came across a product that I have never seen or heard before - Bajaj Almond drops. On seeing the name 'Bajaj' I thought that it is a lubricating oil for automobiles:p (Bajaj Automobiles is famous na). But it is hair oil. It claims to be non-sticky and enriched with vitamin E. It means that the consistency of the oil is less when compared to other hair oils.


Mineral oil.
Vegetable oil.
Sweet almond oil
Vitamin E

It has a pleasant smell. Maybe it’s because of the perfume. It says that it nourishes hair roots and scalp and keeps hair healthy and long. The vitamin E helps for it. I have been using it for a month occasionally for massage. I am yet to see the results. 

The packaging is very nice but it comes in a glass bottle which will break if it falls down. The cap is in plastic and has a spike like thing to close the opening of the bottle. If you hold the bottle by the cap and lift, there your bottle breaks and all the oil is on the floor. The oil is slight golden yellow in color. The shelf life is 3 yrs from the manufacturing date. 

Though it is hair oil I sometimes use it for massaging my nails and face too. It also serves as a good moisturizer and it can be used as bath oil. Add a few drops of it to bathing water or apply and then go to bathe. 

Price: Rs.25 for 50 ml. Cheap right?


+Pleasant smell
+The ingredients are good
+Not non-sticky but less sticky
+Its not too heavy when applied
+Can be used for skin care too!
+The price


-The packaging is not user-friendly. Its "GLASS-HANDLE WITH CARE!"
-The cap is not tight. So chances of slipping of the bottle is high


  1. Wow.. It's really affordable for the quantity and ingredients :) Useful post Shylu

  2. Am very afraid to use this oil.. It made my scalp so dry..i even got dandruff .. bcoz of this.. Now am using this for Nails and face.. :(

    1. Oh God. I'l be careful and check if I'm too getting it.Thank u:)

  3. hey i used this some 7-8 yrs back but had a problem with the aroma then...i think i shud grab it now..