Lakme Invisible Finish foundation

Since I'm new to the cosmetics world, I wanted to try applying foundation (i have never ever applied make up except for dance programs in my school days!). So I bought Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation.

The SA chose the colour for my skin type. She gave me the one with SPF 8. It is water based. So suitable for oily skin.

The one I got doesn't suit me. But it suits my mom who is fair. So I'll tell how it works with her. It gives bright and invisible finish, that means a natural look. It is not cakey or dry. It gives good results when Lakme compact powder is applied on top (gives brighter complexion). Since I don't use it often, i have to wait to try another brand till this gets over (coz i'm a student and I don't earn...sigh!:()


  1. That's the problem with me too Shyzz :( I am student too.. Have to wait 4 to 5 more years to earn and buy my own products :( BTW the packaging is classy and nice review! :) I have dusky skin n I feel It won't suit me though :P

  2. Yeah even for me it doesnt suit.. then what i did is i started to blend them with almost all the day creams like Lacto calamine,Lotus Micro emulsion and Perfect radiance.. It works fabulous..