New Nivea fruity shine Pink guava lip balm!

Wanna have ssssoft and pink lips??? Wanna pamper your lips without spending much? Are you urgently in need of a lip balm to prevent your lips from drying and chapping? If your answer is yes for all these questions (or at least for one question:)) then what you need is the New Nivea fruity shine Pink guava lip balm! 
It comes in a cute pink plastic stick which is convenient for taking along with you. 
It comes in a cute stick with pink cap(so girly:*) It has a sweeeeet smell (and taste too!). It has shiny particles. But it doesn't look too heavy and shiny. It leaves the lips very soft and pink and makes them look fuller. And the stick is really looong. It may take several months to use up everything in that stick(even in daily use)! 

It can be used day or night. When applied at night, it gives OMG supple and pink lips in the morning! Really love it!
The pink color is very mild (see the swatch below) and it will look awesome on any skin tone. It is one of the products that I could rely upon!

Price: Rs.130 (its worth it!). I will definitely buy it again once it gets used up(but I've to wait soooo looong:()



  1. Great review I got this one too after seeing this goodie in indian vanity case

  2. i m sooo buying thisss nowww!!!!tyyyy cute blog