Welcome to my blog! I am Shylu. I am an Indian married to a French man (hence the name @thefrenchwife) and living in the Parisian region. This blog started as a beauty & fashion blog and it didn't have the same name as now. But soon I wanted to share more than that and I too needed a new start. So it became a lifestyle blog with a new name. You can find me blogging about travel, food and almost everything worth sharing. 

Do hang around and I love to have little notes from you! 

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PS: This blog is managed by me. The pictures and posts are edited and owned by me, unless stated otherwise. I provide links to materials that I don't own. If the rightful owner doesn't want it to appear in my blog, I am at your service to remove them once you write to me. This blog is copyrighted. If you are interested in using something from this blog, drop me a mail. And when you use it, please leave a back link to my blog. 

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