25 Jul 2017

Denim romper

78114 Magny-les-Hameaux, France

Hello girls! How are you all doing? I am writing this post from my hyper-comfortable sofa sipping some red wine, watching a TV show and thinking about last weekend when the sun was shining bright when we shot this outfit. I am at the countryside spending some fun time with my

17 Jul 2017

Little things of life...#4

Paris, France

Hi everyone! This week's little things of life post is here now.

1) New plant in the apartment. This is called as Spathiphyllum and has beautiful white flowers. And the flower pot is from a garage sale. The brass pot reminds me of my dear India and moreover, the golden color gives a touch of luxurious effect to the interior.

13 Jul 2017

A weekend in Brussels

Paris, France

Paris is the only European capital I have ever visited. It is, in fact where I'm living now. So last weekend I went to Brussels after panning at last minute. That is the kind of life that I would like everyone to have, including me; going away where you like and when you like. 

26 Jun 2017

Palazzo love #1

Paris, France

Today I am going to share with you my love for Palazzo pants. I started wearing them not long ago and they have become a staple in my summer wardrobe. It is a mix of comfort and style, especially during summers.

22 Jun 2017

Green party by jamini

Paris, France

Holà people! How are you all doing? This week, I went to a green workshop called the Green party organised by Jamini and Jardinière Sauvage at the Jamini store in Paris. I am always interested in attending little workshops because they are fun, you learn new things and what you learn can even become your hobby (=buy more plants).

18 Jun 2017

Summer brightness

Paris, France
Hi everyone! Last weekend was what we can call 'perfect summer' days. It was perfectly hot and it felt so like summer. You know, that temperature when you crave for fresh juices? I crave for melons (that is my weakness). We knew that it was time for a BBQ and this is what I wore on that day. Just the colours to wear on a bright summer day, especially these shoes from Minelli.

12 Jun 2017

Little things of life...#3

Paris, France

Hello everyone, happy Monday! The past week was wonderful and I can't wait to share with you what happened.

8 Jun 2017


Paris, France

Hello guys! Me and my husband love to try out new restaurants every now and then. This weekend we tried 'Truffes Folies' which literally mean 'Truffle madness' and it is! It's not your regular restaurant because everything they offer is based on truffles!

5 Jun 2017

Born tea - presentation and review

Paris, France

Hello lovely people! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a newly launching tea brand to try and give my feedback on their tea. Obviously, the tea-addict in me couldn't say no and here is my experience.

30 May 2017

Little things of life...#2

Paris, France

Hello people! Hope you are all doing great! I am a little bit sick at this moment with all the pollen giving me allergies. If not, everything is going great! So I am back with the 'Little things of the week' post #2.

22 May 2017

One sunny day

Paris, France

Finally, the sun is out in Paris! That means time to take out the high-heeled sandals. It has been grey and rainy for the past week here. It feels good to have some sunshine when it's summer elsewhere. 

17 May 2017

Little things of life...#1

Paris, France
Hi lovelies! I am starting a new series this week called 'Little things this week...'. This is the first post in this series. So here we go!

27 Apr 2017

DIY coffee table ideas

Paris, France

Coffee tables have got an inevitable place in interior designing. However big the space is, a coffee table adds a touch of comfort and luxury. It can be in the living room or in the bedroom to make the room cosy.

21 Apr 2017

MAC Diva review

Hello everyone! (See I am trying to keep up my promise to write here regularly). Today I am talking about my second MAC lipstick, the DIVA. The first one was the coveted Russian Red.

11 Apr 2017

What's going on?

Hello everyone! It’s been a looo…ong time! I have taken a year of break from blogging. It’s more of not having time to concentrate on the blog. A lot has been happening in my life. So, I will give you a brief introduction about me and what has been going on.

I came to France in 2012 to pursue my higher studies. But it wasn’t very easy to take classes in French and I eventually found out that I wasn’t interested in Engineering anymore. So, I worked a little and then I joined University last year to pursue an MBA. It all happened during a period of 4 years. In the meantime, I found love in Paris and got married :D. 

So, I was busy with studies, visa, wedding in France, in India, etc., for the past one year that I decided to take a break with the blog. 


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