17 Sep 2015

Caudalie Grapes & Sage skin care

Hello beauties! Today I am talking about the Caudalie Grapes & Sage skincare range. Caudalie is a well-known French bio beauty brand. This is my current skincare regime and I have been using it since a month. I am reviewing the cleanser, exfoliator and the purifying mask (set) which I got as a gift.

10 Sep 2015

Dove Oxygen hydration range review

 Dove Oxygen hydration range

 Dove Oxygen hydration range

Hello everyone! Today I am talking about the Dove Oxygen Hydration (Dove Oxygen Moisture series in US/India) range shampoo and conditioner from the advanced hair series. This is the first shampoo-conditioner set that I am using. Yes, I never used conditioner in all my life and my hair is just fine. I have been using the Dove shampoos since a long time. They make my hair soft and silky. I have normal hair (which sometimes turn dry due to over shampooing, weather, etc). I was eager to check out this new range from Dove just for its claim to give volume.

29 Aug 2015

Ile de Bendor - Bendor Island

On the boat and off to visit the Ile de Bendor
Hello everyone! Summer vacation is over and it is back-to-school time. Luckily this year, I got to spend the summer at my guy's grandparents' home. It was a beautiful coastal town in the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region of France with beautiful beaches. 

22 Aug 2015

Cupcakes anyone?

3 Aug 2015

Pleated school girl skirt


31 Jul 2015


23 Jul 2015

A 'My little box' gift

15 Jul 2015

Home made illuminating mask - DIY

Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote a skincare/beauty post on the blog. Today I  am talking about a natural home made mask (Ubtan) to illuminate and soften the face. I always believe in natural products and remedies when it comes to skincare. Recently I got a home made natural face mask from an Indian Ayurveda shop in Paris. Having known the benefits of all the ingredients in this mask, I couldn't resist buying it. I am so happy to have found the shop because I have access to many natural beauty products, essential oils, etc., from India in this shop.

27 Apr 2015

Paris - Rue Cremieux

The street
Paris was having a beautiful weather since 2 weeks and I had to enjoy it to the maximum. When my favorite Instagrammers in Paris posted some really pretty pictures of this little Parisian street, I had to visit it. So last weekend I strolled around Paris to see this pretty street and the Jardin des Plantes. I know that the Parisian streets are beautiful. But this one is really stunning. I was totally awestruck to find this cute corner amidst the hustle-bustle of a busy city. When you enter it, you forget all the traffic around and get the feeling of a vacation spot. I was lost in the middle of all the pretty pastel houses. The pictures will tell you why.

6 Apr 2015

Black & White spring

Spring OOTD
Sun is finally peeping out for a few days in Paris. So I am making the most of it by wearing my spring outfits. 

White jeans = Tally Weijl / Aztec print top = H&M / Shoes = New Look / Bag = Primark / 
Hat = From Italy / Earrings = Forever 21 / Coat = Etam

20 Mar 2015

Chanel Rouge Velvet L'amoureuse Lipstick - review

Chanel Rouge Velvet L'amoureuse Lipstick
L'amoureuse in french means 'in love'. I was browsing through the Sephora shop in Paris because I had a 40 Euro gift card that I received for my birthday. I didn't know what to buy. I was randomly trying out products and I liked this lipstick from Chanel. But the price. 33 Euros! I didn't want to use my entire gift card on a single lipstick (I was greedy. I will tell you later what I did with the gift card).

16 Mar 2015

A sunny week-end

Tao Black tea - Fitness/Detox
What a lovely week-end it was! And week-end came early for me. After many days of ugly weather, the sun came out a little this week-end in Paris. So here's all that I did this weekend.

3 Mar 2015

Skin Care Routine

Skin care routine
I think that a simple skin care is more efficient. Finding the right products which will work for you is more important than using loads of products.

Here I am presenting you my current skin care routine.

27 Feb 2015

MAC Vintage Rose Cream blush

Finally I have my first cream blush! I am not much into makeup and I don't hoard makeup. So I wanted to have one staple blush which will always go well with my skin tone. I finally settled down for MAC Vintage Rose.

It is a multi-usage cream color base. I have olive skin tone (warm) with yellow undertones. So I opted for a blush with orange-pink base. I use my fingers to apply it. I don't prefer a stippling brush because I can control the amount of blush when I use my fingers. And building up the colour is easy as it is easily blend-able. I just started wearing it and I am loving it so far. It has a pretty good staying power. 

19 Feb 2015

On time with Pierre Lannier

I feel that watches make me feel more matured. It is lady-like to take a look at my watch instead of taking out my phone each time to check time. That's how I feel with my new Pierre Lannier watch and I couldn't wait to show it to you. This is one of my current favorites!

I am so in love with this watch that I wear it all day long. It goes well with all outfits, especially with formal and casual wear. But it is classy too to go with evening outfits.  After all, black is a versatile colour. I don't prefer watches with lot of stones and all those bling for daily wear. But this one is super simple and lovely. 

A classic black dial without numbers and the black-silver combination is elegant. The packaging is a simple black box. The model exists equally in white.


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