12 May 2014

Coloured contact lenses from Lensvillage

When I was small, I believed that your eyes turn grey/white when you are possessed. Because that's how they depicted a possessed person in horror films in my country. As I grew up, I realised that it was the effect of contact lenses. I was eager to try coloured contact lenses someday. 

I started wearing glasses when I was 14. But I hated them. They are uncomfortable when I dance or do sports. Going for contact lenses was only a dream because my dad didn't allow me. But finally I managed to wear lenses after coming to France. 

But still I couldn't wear color lenses because finding coloured contact lenses with correction was difficult. Even if I found, a prescription is a must to buy contact lenses and you have to pay heavily for the ophthalmologist and the lenses. 

At last, it was LENSVILLAGE who made my dream come true! 
Here is my first ever pair of coloured contact lenses!!   


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