17 Apr 2013

♥ Summer Skin Care for Oily skin

Summer is here. This is the most frightening season for all oily-skinned people. Here are some tips to take care of your skin during summer. 

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Cleansing: Wash your face often to remove excess oil. Keep it a regular practice to wash your face as soon as you wake up, after work and before going to bed. A deep cleansing face wash with glycerin will be enough for normal seasons. But in summers, when you are prone to excess oil and impurities, use a good anti-bacterial soap or gel. Wash your hair also and try to keep it oil-free because oily-scalp will make your face more oily. Keep your hair pulled back and avoid oiling too much.

6 Apr 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting drama gel liner

My eyes were burning and I didn't have tears left to shed. But it was worth it. His love for me never changed. But there was something else that remained the same and lasted even after all this drama...Now what is that?!

3 Apr 2013

♥ Show me the way...Lollipops Paris Nail Paint

I wish that you were my lollipop  
Sweet things I will never get enough  
If you show me to the sugar tree
Will you give me a soda pop for free...
I can hear you singing. Lollipop is one of the cutest things that a girl loves. I love lollies, do you? I discovered this brand when I came to France. Lollipops brand has many pretty vintage-y stuff and I always check out their store just for getting a treat for my eyes *_* Their cosmetics packaging is so cute: pink+grey+vintage+Paris. Who wouldn't be tempted?

2 Apr 2013

What I shopped this weekend

This is what happens when you are let loose to shop after a long ban...especially if you had exams during the ban. I went almost to all shops and checked out the new collections, even though I restricted myself not to shop much. So, more window shopping and a little real shopping...

What I shopped this weekend

What I shopped this weekend


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