6 Mar 2013

♥ KIKO Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in shade 372

 This is what I wore on my birthday. It matched well with my birthday outfit which was pink. I already spoke about KIKO  where you can find a wide range of nail colors and at low price. This is a baby pink pastel shade with cream finish, perfect for spring.


KIKO nail paints are quick drying and gives full coverage in one coat except some sheer colors. Applying top coat will help the polish to stay longer without chipping.

I am eyeing yellows and oranges for summer. I already picked up pastel blue. I'm in full swing to welcome printemps! :)   

Do check out a KIKO outlet if you find one and you will want every shade!

Rating - 5/5

Take care

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  1. WOw pretty shade dear :)Nice NOTD

  2. lovely shade :) I m liking nudes these days :)

  3. Replies
    1. Wanna get more pastels Prayati...

  4. Very pretty shade...looking very sweet...:)

  5. hye dear nice blog with siper collections,,,,,,,keep going dear...follow my blog tooo baby...




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