31 Dec 2012

♥ My December Glossy box

It has been over a week that I received the box. But I didn't find time to post it. So, I want to show you before the year ends:D Here's what I got in my December Glossy Box.

I know, I still didn't review the products that I got in my November Glossy Box except for the Kryolan Lipstick. I was a little busy and the place where I'm staying right now is too gloomy to take pics. So I will post reviews as soon as I get back.

26 Dec 2012

♥ Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Pink Truffle & Berry Smoothie Review

Revlon Lip butter- I thought that it would be like any other lip balm. With rave reviews about this beauty all over the internet, I changed my assumptions and picked up two instead of one! 

Revlon Lip Butters in Pink Truffle and Berry Smoothie

9 Dec 2012

♥ Kryolan lipstick for Glossy Box in Glossy Pink

Last week I received this lipstick in my November Glossy Box. It is from Kryolan made specially for Glossy Box in the shade Glossy Pink (sounds pretty no? Looks pretty too!)

The lipstick comes in a black glossy and sturdy pack with the Glossy Box logo on the top. There is no indication of Kryolan in the pack but it is given in their website.

5 Dec 2012

♥ Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup in shade 50-Beige Fonce

This is my new found love -The Dioskin nude skin glowing makeup in shade 50! My ideal foundation!

I never get satisfied when I try foundations because it looks unnatural. My first one was from Sephora, but I used it only once. When I was in India, I was tanned a lot and during my first 2 months in France my skin remained the same. But with the climate here and the skin care routine (which I follow religiously!), my skin has shown some improvement. So my hunt for foundation started again which ended with this.

The product is in a square bottle with silver cap and the blue carton with silver words looks classy. But could have been better for a brand like Christian Dior. Don't hold the bottle by the cap! The cap is weightless!   The pump applicator disposes a little amount with each pumping, so no wastage of product.

4 Dec 2012

♥ My November Glossy Box

Hey beauties! I received my first Glossy Box yesterday night! I got the November Box with the Glossy Magazine.

What I love about the Glossy Box is the package. The baby pink and black combination is simply superb and the classy logo attracts me.

The box was provoking Christmas mood with the festive paper packing. 


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