30 May 2012

♥ Nature's Essence Under eye cream

I have heard about under eye creams but I never had the need for one. But when my mom was complaining about dark circles because of night shifts, I wanted to get one. The SA suggested Nature's Essence.I bought it since it has potato and almond extracts (I know that potato can reduce dark circles).

Ingredients: Potato extract, Geranium ol, Cederwood oil and Sesame oil.

Price: 85 INR for 40 gm

Shelf life: 3 years

The product claims to reduce under eye dark circles and moisturize the eye area.

Usage: Massage for 5 minutes the eye area and wipe it after 30 min or leave it overnight.The cream is not thick and is easy to massage. A little amount is enough for both the eyes. The single tub will last long and can be used for a year or more. I take some in my ring fingers and massage around my eyes at night. It is soothing and makes me feel light. I don’t have severe dark circles. It does not remove dark circles completely but relaxation to eyes. It is oily when applied and sometimes it gets into my eyes while sleeping because it melts because of my body heat. So it irritates my eyes. 

I find the tub package unhygienic. The smell is pleasant and reminds me of spa scents. I use this product not every day but occasionally whenever I need some treatment for my eyes.


It is affordable
Smells good
Ingredients are natural
The cream is easy to apply.
Right price - Right Quantity


Not easily available
Tub packaging is unhygienic
Does not cure dark circles completely
Not suitable for oily sinned people

Take care

♥ Amway Attitude Lipstick in shade Natural Pink

This is the first Amway Attitude Lipstick that I used. I have been to my native place last week and found this in my sissy's stash. The shade is Natural Pink.

The packaging is strong and classy in black. 

Price: Rs.209 for 4.5 gm.

Shelf life: 2 years

Ingredients: Castor oil, Capric/Capryllic trigylceride, octyl methoxy cinnamate, candelilla wax, octyl palmitate, trisostearyl citrate, lanolin anhydrous, aceytylated lanolin alcohol, ozokerite wax, benzophenone 3, microcrystalline wax, carnauba wax, PVP/Hexadecene copolymer, shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, fragrance, bees wax, propyl paraben, tocopheryl acetate, BHA.

The shade is natural pink and is suitable for fair skin tones. It is well pigmented and a single swipe shows off decently. It does not dry the lips and is sufficiently moisturising.

Staying power: It stays only for about 2 hours and then fades away.

Texture: It is creamy and glides smoothly over the lips. It does not melt even in this hot summer in South India. It settles on the lines on lips.

Natural light

With flash

I like Amway lipsticks. Though this is not my kind of shade, I want to try some other colours. 

Have you tried Amway lipsticks? What is your opinion? Do share in comments:) 

Take care

14 May 2012

♥ VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

Hi beauties. I'm going to review my first VLCC product. I ended up in this product like my hand picked it and before my mind could realise that I picked it, my uncle billed it and now I'm reviewing it. But anyways, I got a wonderful product. It has Indian Berberry extract which basically is an essential part of skin care.

It is suited for all skin types.

Texture: Creamy with small grains. The grains are not so big and they are the papaya seeds. It's easy to apply and doesn't contain soap.

It is easy to spread and massage. The grains are not so hard and gives a gentle scrubbing.

Price: 215 INR for 100 grams

Ingredients: Papaya seeds, Mango seed powder, Indian Berberry, Fenugreek, Date extract, etc. Check the picture for complete list.

Shelf life: 3 years

What does it claim?

Deep cleanses
Removes blackheads

The remarkable product exfoliates and rejuvenates, porcelains and retexturises, cleans & refreshes the skin. Plant extracts make this exfoliator apt for all skin types.

Method of use: Apply on clean skin, leave for 2-3 minutes, then massage gently for 3-4 minutes. Avoid sensitive skin near eyes. Rinse off using lukewarm water.

Packaging: It comes in a flip open transparent tube. We can check how much product is left.

My opinion: First of all I love this product because its Ayurvedic. It has natural ingredients and the smell is fruity fresh. It gives me refreshing skin and makes me feel that it's safe for skin. It doesn't dry my skin (I have a normal skin) and is suitable for dry skinned people. It is a product that I don't regret for buying without any idea. I totally loveee this scrub and this is a must for everyone to have a naturally healthy skin:D

+Ingredients are naatural
+Pleasant smell
+Refreshing and nourishing
+Product is worth the price
+Available easily
+Suits all skin types
+ Convenient to use
+The result is good-refreshes, soothes, de-tans.

-Little sticky, but it's not a big con. And I don't find any other thing.

Have you used this product? What is your opinion?

Take care

2 May 2012

♥ A free trip to Faceville: Summer vacation special!

How many of you get a chance to go on a summer vacation. Now you have got a chance. A free experience to a dreaded place...Faceville! Let me give you a brief introduction about Faceville and the people who live there and like the place! Go ahead! Experience it!

Location: Within your reach
Natives/Citizens: Facevillains (otherwise knows as Blackheads)
Colour: Black

Meet Mr.Don Blackhead. A big shot in Faceville!

His son- the Lil'Don but of much talent!

The famous politician who started a oil toil party and became the mayor with the support of many people!

The diva of Faceville. Attractive (attaches and attacks!)!

  Resources and daily life in Faceville...

Enough intro huh? Fine what is this all about?!
Well, this is all about the Garnier Pure Activ 'Bust heads' Campaign. Garnier is introducing the Garnier Pure Activ 'Bust Blackheads' facewash. In addition with that it is creating awareness among people regarding blackheads. 
The Hero

What it says about this campaign...

Blackheads are not something you want on your face -- ever. The word alone is not a pretty one. So before this skin issue came to a head, so to speak, the experts picked their brains. This summer, Skin care leader Garnier Pure Active has come to the rescue of many distressed teenagers and young adults haunted by this skin problem.

Talking and educating people about Blackheads is not the easiest task to accomplish. So Garnier Pure Active has come up with a campaign that will not only educate the audience but also engage them in a way never done before. So after a lot of outrageous thinking by some imaginative people, Garnier Pure Active has unveiled the Bust Blackheads Campaign.

The Thought:

Get the Blackhead talking! Give an identity to the blackheads and educate the audience through quirky characters, instead of going the usual preachy way. How is that done?

Design characters that are likeable yet have a personality annoying enough for them to eventually die at the hands of the hero the “Blackheads Uprooting Scrub”. The task is to ensure that when a person sees these characters, he knows they are ‘Black Heads’ in the true sense of the word.

Meet the Blackheads: 

Garnier Pure Active has created a fictitious town called Faceville which for obvious reasons resides on your face & the citizens are called Facevillains taking into consideration the damage that they cause to your face. The Facevillians have names characteristic to a blackheads personality.

The teasers have consumers guessing who these ‘characters’ really are. The objective is to create intrigue and generate a sense of ‘likeability’ for the design and also communicate that these characters are ‘bad’.

Education through engagement:
Blackheads are black spots on the skin. The main reason for its occurrence is oil secretion in the skin which leads to the growth of ugly blackheads. Apart from oil; pollution, sweat, improper personal hygiene, dust, etc., are also the other major reasons. Now reading these above 4 lines could probably put you to sleep. So Garnier Pure Active has decided to educate the users through funny comics and situations that occur on Faceville which is the Blackhead world.  In order to engage the users, the brand will be running a series of contests and fun interactive quizzes which allow Fans to be a part of Faceville and interact with them. 


The sustenance phase of the campaign will be revealed in two stages that will educate consumers about blackheads. Apart from being visually stimulating, the campaign focuses on core communication and has strong elements of education and zeroing in on the product truth.

While the campaign will be on for 60 days, it took close to two and a half months to create the characters.
The aim is not only to engage but also to educate. The campaign has generated a lot of interest and people are increasingly talking about the brand.

Please visit our Facebook page to get an in-depth understanding of the campaign:
Please check out the app, Faceville Times. This is Faceville’s Weekly newspaper:

Now tell me how many of you wanna go to Faceville? Do leave a comment if you don't want to experinece it:)

PR info
Take care


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