21 Apr 2012

♥ Elle 18 color pops lipstick in shade 20-Mystery Mauve

Elle 18 has always been one of my favourite brands. The name 'elle' attracts me always:). I started wearing lipsticks recently and I wanted to buy a second one (the first one being Street Wear Satin Smooth Lip color). It was the time when the color pops and color bombs ranges were launched. So my second lippie was Elle 18 color pops in shade (20) Mystery Mauve.

Packaging: The packaging is cute in black (bullet) but it is not that sturdy. The girl pic looks good(in the kajal stick also). The shade name and number is given at the bottom of the package and the only ingredient known is cocoa butter.

Elle 18 Lipsticks: Elle 18 lipsticks have cocoa butter in the centre for moisturising. It does the job well. The lipstick is not very pigmented. They smell really well and all of them give a shiny finish. They don't dry out the lips.

Ingredients: No ingredient list except cocoa butter. In fact I bought this one for the 'cocoa butter'. Sounded like a chocolate and smells the same! Delicious...hmmm...:)

Shade: 20 Mystery mauve. It is a mauve shade that suits suits all skin tones. Since there is no tester available of these lipsticks, choosing the right shade is difficult. The SA showed me the brochure but all the shades were flattering (I wanted all of them:D). I couldn't select which one will fit me. So I had to search the shade number first and then open and see if it will suit me (phew...!). At last I found this shade. 

With flash

With flash
Staying power: The staying power is bad and it lasts only for half an hour if u keep your lips without doing any work (eating, drinking, kissing,etc...). It fades quickly and requires reapplying as and when needed. 

Price: Rs.100
Quantity: 4.3ml

+Budget lippie
+Nice shades (all are flattering)
+Delicious smell
+Cocoa butter
+Smooth to apply

-No tester
-Staying power is bad
-No ingredient list

Take care

15 Apr 2012

♥ Me Now eye and lip liner pencils

Sometimes the products from platforms do wonders with us than branded ones. This is one such product that I love. It is the Me Now eye and lip liner pencil. Actually I was just scanning through the petite platform shops to find if I get something for a good deal. And I got one. I am not a person for coloured liners except black but who will lose such a product at this price? These are retractable pencils which can be used as eye and lip liner. There were lot of colours and I picked up just three(regretting now:()

It comes in sleek pen like package with silver cap. The packaging is quite strong and doesn't break or crack and the tube is coloured so that the colour can be easily identified. It is easy to handle and fits in purse, so travel friendly:) The packaging has designed prints in silver which will fade on regular use. But does that is not an issue.

It is well pigmented and slightly creamy. That means it glides smoothly and shows well even in one swipe. It will not smudge and stays longer until you wipe your eyes with your fingers. Using powder may solve these problems. The quantity is good and care should be taken because it may break. So twist only for a required amount.

Now what colours have I got? Blue, Copper, Black. (The shades are not named)

Copper: This is a gold+copper shade that I loved. I chose it because I thought that it will suit well for my dusky skin. And it did:D.

With flash                                                                                            Natural light

With flash                                                                               Natural light

Blue: There were 2 blues. The one I got is a lighter shade than the other one.

      With flash                                                                                 Natural light

      With flash                                                                                 Natural light

Black: A regular black shade which is matte and shows well in single swipe. But since it smudges, I prefer using kajal.

      With flash                                                                                 Natural light

      With flash                                                                                 Natural light
Price: Rs. 20 (I don't remember). Other colours available are light green dark green, dark blue, silver and purple. So girls, which one do you like?

Take care

3 Apr 2012

♥ My lovely blush palette review

Hi girls!
           Blush has joined my make up kit now after I tried out my first blush-Jordana Blush in Blushing Rose. I'm afraid that I am obsessed with them :O Since I'm dusky I don't know which shade to use and I was confused. Couple of weeks back I went with my friends for a little shopping. I was scanning the shop and I found new blush palettes.My spirits went high. The one I saw first was very shimmery and had only pink shades which won't suit my skin:(But the SA showed me another one:). And I got.....THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS...:D

It had all the colours I love and I need.The moment I saw it, the devil inside me jumped out and added it to my shopping bag before I could control it(I din't really want to control it:P) It has become my current love:)Now off to the review...

It is not a branded product but still it performs like one! It is called "Kiss Beauty illuminating Blusher".The palette has eight colours. Hmm...to say...from Peaches to Pinks?!:) All of them are wonderful shades and gives a matte finish suitable for daily wear.It is not very pigmented but a decent amount shows off well on the cheeks. It can also be used for contouring. Using a soft brush works good making it easy to blend but the same results can't be achieved using fingers.

Packaging: The packaging is of box type and it is simple and classy in black.The lid is transparent.The cakes don't chip and it is not very powdery.The box is easy to carry around and fits in your bag.

Have a closer look!


I love the shades 4,5,6 and 7. They are neutral and gives a natural warm look to my dusky skin. The finish is matte and it looks gorgeous when I applied it over Oriflame Very me Peach Me Perfect skin glow. It got added to the shimmers in the Oriflame skin glow cream and it stayed put without fading!

Staying power: It stays on for 5-6 hours with slight fading.
Price: Any guesses...? Fine it's just Rs.104(Devil became happy.Me too:D)

One thing that needs to be mentioned is it smells very good. Something I can't get what it smells like.A candy or perfume may be...Whatever it be.It's good. I have never heard of a blush smelling like that! And it is also mentioned that it has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

+The shades in the palette!
+The packaging is good and travel friendly
+Staying power
+Its price
+Smells good

-Brand not famous so don't know if I can find it next time:(
-No ingredient list
-No brush (not a con at this price) and... no more.I just love it!

More pics

With flash

Natural light

Take care


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