31 Mar 2012

♥ How Hollywood hides blemishes by Maurice Stein

Hi all, I read this article in a book named 'The Doctor's Book of home remedies'. It is a wonderful guide to treat simple illness at home. 
Acne is a problem for many. Everyone has atleast has a skin problem like blemishes, dark spots, etc. But how come we never see pimples, blackheads, whiteheads on the faces of stars? And why is that? Don't they folks break out? We know they do. But how do they hide them? Hollywood Make up artist Maurice Stein says about that. Maurice Stein has been a makeup artist for over 25 years and he's touched up the famous faces in such movies as M*A*S*H, Funny Girl and Planet of the Apes.

Stein has used the few combat tips from the Hollywood trenches on "some of the most expensive faces in the world." 
Go under cover: You can totally block out the discolouration, whether it is pink, red or purple. To do that, a person should look for a foundation makeup that has a high pigment level. The more the pigment per ounce, the better chance there is of putting the product on this and still getting good coverage. He says, "when I cover a pimple on an entertainer's face, I look for a pigment level of 50-70 percent. The normal range for most foundation is around 15-18 percent."

Take care

♥ My first blush from Jordana cosmetics-37 Blushing rose

Hi everyone.Long back in my post here, I shared my first online purchase. I got my first blush in my first online purchase. I have never been a make up person and after I started reading beauty blogs, I was interested in getting me a blush. Since I am still a student, I couldn't afford to buy anything pricey. So I was searching everwhere and I came across the Jordana blush. It was cheap and there are many shades. But a sad thing to mention is the product I received was damaged and it slipped from my hands by mistake and the cake was broken.

Its broken:(

Shade: 37 Blushing rose
This is the shade given in the Jordana cosmetics website

Price: Rs.208 

Packaging: The packaging is round and shiny. The quantity is appropriate for the price. The packaging small and it is difficult to hold. It will fit nicely in your palm. The lid is transparent which makes it easy to identify the shade.

The blush cake is very delicate and it can flake if handled harshly. The texture is smooth and it can be easily blended. There is shimmer and it is indicated as 'P' which means Pearl Reflective Colour. It is better to use a brush because when I used my fingers, it stuck to my fingers and I had to take more product to apply.

Staying power: The staying power is good and it stayed for about 5-6 hours with slight fading.

Natural light

Shimmers in flash
It is well pigmented and a little amount clings to the cheeks well. It is powdery and the product will get wasted if it is used without care. There is no brush or mirror and we can't expect it for this price.

The shade 37 Blushing Rose is a sheer pink with a pearly reflective shine. You may check out the colours here. The colour is suitable for dusky to dark skin tones because pinks show well on dark skins.

+Well pigmented
+Wide range of shades (17 shades)
+Blends easily
+Good staying power
+Cute packaging

-No mirror or brush
-Very delicate blush cake
-Chips/flakes easily
-Can't use fingers
-Less quantity but that's not a big con for that price
-Not available everywhere (I got it online from here)

Have anyone tried Jordana blushes? Which is your favourite blush?

Take care,

28 Mar 2012

♥ MAC Perennial Pinks Spring Collection!

Its spring! And people has already started to look for spring collections and I have seen people sporting bright spring colours like greens, corals, oranges, yellows (it's summer in India, though). Pink has always been a colour of spring as it is denotes freshness of the blossoming flower. So MAC has launched a new collection for Spring loving Makeupholics! It is the new MAC Perennial Pinks Spring Collection!

The products available in this collection are:

v Sheen supreme Lipstick
Cremesheen Glass
Cremeblend Blush

The collection has 2 shades in each product.

Eye shadow -  Pink venus and Sushi Flower. Click here to shop. 
Price - 15$ (around 762 INR).

Sheen Supreme Lipstick- Behave yourself and Blossom culture. Click here to shop.
Price - 14.50$ (around 737 INR)

Cremesheen Glass - Fashion Scoop and Partial to Pink. Click here to shop.
Price - 19.50$ (around 990 INR)

Cremeblend Blush - Someting Special and So sweet,So easy. Click here to shop.
Price - 20$ (around 1016 INR)

The way it is represented is very cute. Blush and Shadow winged, Glossy bodied with lipstick antannae...
                                                                    Cosmetic Butterfly!

Take care

26 Mar 2012

♥ Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin glow in shade Light

I'm not a make up person and I don't even use powder. When I was searching for a good foundation to start with, I came across Oriflame Very Me Peach Me moisturiser. I went through reviews and found it to be good and it was something like a tinted moisturiser. I was curious to see how it looks on me and ordered through an Oriflame representative. There are 2 shades-light and dark. I forgot to specify the shade and before I realized my mistake she ordered it in shade Light. I'm dusky and how would light shade suit me?  It was too late and I compromised myself that atleast my mom can wear it. But I too tried it. It was wonderful. It is actually a bronzing moisturiser.

The packaging is good in black with orange cap. It is easy to squeeze out the cream from the tube but the quantity is less:(

The cream is not much consistent and is easy for blending. It has peach smell and has minute shimmers. But it wont be seen unless you see in bright light. It gives medium coverage and a dewy finish. It is sheen and gives a  nice glow to face. I applied a matte blush over it. But still I could see shimmers which looks rich and gorgeous.


see the shimmer-with flash

unblended-natural light

blended-natural light

The product is not too oily but gives a decent shine. It is suitable for normal to dry skin. But it may look a little oily for oily skins and in summers. It doesn't have SPF. So you have to apply sunscreen.

I completely love this product and this is the first face make up product I am using:).Will do a FOTD someday with it.But don't laugh people:P

Price: Rs.279


+Good staying power.
+Texture is smooth.
+Easy to blend.
+Smell is pleasant.
+Travel friendly package.


-Available only in 2 shades.
-Available only through Oriflame representatives.
-Less quantity for the price.
-Little coverage.
-Contains Paraben

Take care

24 Mar 2012

♥ Street Wear Satin Smooth Lip Color in 17 Candy Treat

It has been so long since I posted any reviews. Its all because of my camera. The salesman took soooooooo long to repair it (about a month). In the mean time I made little hauls. I'l show them on my next post. I got a Street Wear lipstick. It is called Street Wear Satin Smooth lip color in shade 17 Candy Treat.

The packaging is like any other lipstick but it is in purple colour. There is no indication to find the colour except for the name at the bottom of the stick.

The shade is nude with peachy undertone. But I still don't get why it is named Candy Treat. Candy means something in pink to me. They could have named it Caramel Treat:P

natural light

swiped twice

It is smooth as named. It does not settle on the lines on the lip.

There are 27 shades available. All are neutral to dark shades to suit fair to dark skin tone.


+Many shades are available.
+Doesn't settle on lines on lips.
+One of the budget lip colours.
+Available in all Street Wear counters.


-Staying power is less (about 2 hours).
-Needs 2-3 swipes to get intense colour.
-Difficult to remove it from lips.

Price: Rs.220

Will I purchase it again: I am not a lipstick person but MLBB. When I applied lightly, I get my natural lip colour. Since there are many nude shades available I'm gonna try those next time. But I'l use this till it gets over.

Take care


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