21 Dec 2011

Nail Trend from Reliance

I happened to visit the Reliance Fresh Supermarket with my friends a few days back. We wanted to check out what are all available there so that we can visit again. What we found there was an uninteresting story. There were no cosmetics except for Nivea lip balm, some Vega products and this nail polish that I am going to review here. It is called ‘Nail Trend’. It is marketed by Reliance but manufactured by someone else. It means that it is available only in Reliance supermarkets.

The colour is called ‘P15 WINE PINK’. There were nearly 7 or 8 shades. But I liked this one. It has a peachy tone. But I am not satisfied with one coat. So I applied 2.


-It dries quickly
-The brush is easy to apply and the polish can be applied uniformly
-It doesn't chip for one week or so
-Gives good finishing without any streaks
-It has very minute shiny particles
-The colors available are specific and quite comfortable(decent) and what else do you need in a nail polish at 18bucks!!!

I remember only some of the shades-orchid mauve, wine pink, petal pink, festive maroon,silver marble,coffee brown,etc...will tell when I get to know fully:) 


It is not available elsewhere except for reliance stores:(

Since i was not in the idea of buying nail polish, I got just one for its color. Other colors will be shown when I get them...soon (I hope!)

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  1. Woww.. Lovely shade! I really love it and nice review shylu sis :) This is my First comment on your blog.. ( I am loving all your posts) :)

  2. Oh... Ok my friend :) Hope we can have a good blogger friendship :P

  3. Pretty shade.. am currently wearing this shade.. so same pinch .. :P

  4. where is this RELIANCE FRESH ??????

    I know this shop but i don't know where is it located!!!!

  5. where is this RELIANCE FRESH ??????

    I know this shop but i don't know where is it located!!!!

  6. You can check in internet :) Here's the link:



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