21 Dec 2011

Nail Trend from Reliance

I happened to visit the Reliance Fresh Supermarket with my friends a few days back. We wanted to check out what are all available there so that we can visit again. What we found there was an uninteresting story. There were no cosmetics except for Nivea lip balm, some Vega products and this nail polish that I am going to review here. It is called ‘Nail Trend’. It is marketed by Reliance but manufactured by someone else. It means that it is available only in Reliance supermarkets.

The colour is called ‘P15 WINE PINK’. There were nearly 7 or 8 shades. But I liked this one. It has a peachy tone. But I am not satisfied with one coat. So I applied 2.


-It dries quickly
-The brush is easy to apply and the polish can be applied uniformly
-It doesn't chip for one week or so
-Gives good finishing without any streaks
-It has very minute shiny particles
-The colors available are specific and quite comfortable(decent) and what else do you need in a nail polish at 18bucks!!!

I remember only some of the shades-orchid mauve, wine pink, petal pink, festive maroon,silver marble,coffee brown,etc...will tell when I get to know fully:) 


It is not available elsewhere except for reliance stores:(

Since i was not in the idea of buying nail polish, I got just one for its color. Other colors will be shown when I get them...soon (I hope!)

17 Dec 2011

Lakme Invisible Finish foundation

Since I'm new to the cosmetics world, I wanted to try applying foundation (i have never ever applied make up except for dance programs in my school days!). So I bought Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation.

The SA chose the colour for my skin type. She gave me the one with SPF 8. It is water based. So suitable for oily skin.

The one I got doesn't suit me. But it suits my mom who is fair. So I'll tell how it works with her. It gives bright and invisible finish, that means a natural look. It is not cakey or dry. It gives good results when Lakme compact powder is applied on top (gives brighter complexion). Since I don't use it often, i have to wait to try another brand till this gets over (coz i'm a student and I don't earn...sigh!:()

12 Dec 2011

Fenugreek for dandruff...

Fenugreek seeds can be found in the kitchen (if u happen to go to kitchen!). I don't know in which dishes it is used. But I used it for my hair. Once i happened to get dandruff (for the first time ever in my life). It was very mild but I wanted to get rid of it before it got worse. So what is the remedy? Head n Shoulders? All Clear? etc, etc... But I don't want to change my shampoo (I always love my shampoo-Dove). Then, my mom suggested me to use Fenugreek paste. So I tried. The result was wonderful. Dandruff gone. But I found something that was a bonus in this treatment. I'll tel it at last.Now, this is how you do it...

Soak some Fenugreek seeds in water overnight (say 1-2 handfuls for your hair) and sleep!Its night. Jus kidding :)!
 In the morning, grind the Fenugreek seeds into a fine paste.Take care that it is well grinded.
Wet your hair a little and apply it evenly on your scalp. If you have some of the paste left, apply it on your hair.

Wait for 15-30 min and rinse the paste well on your head and then wash it off. It will take a lot of time and water to get it off from your head because it is sticky. You could have seen that when you applied. It is well and good if you rinse it off under a shower.

Then you can apply shampoo if you wish. Even after rinsing well, you can still find some(not some, but many)of the paste on your hair. For that, you have to wait for your hair to dry (half dry and still moist) and then comb it slowly. The remaining particles will come off.

It needs a lot of time to do this. So make sure that you have enough time(maybe on a holiday) and don't have any appointments or programs (because you can't go out with all those particles on your head). Now its over. You can find dandruff gone (or at least lessened). It will give good results if done 1-2 times a week.

Now there is something that is bonus in this treatment. After doing this my hair was soft. Really really soft. It was like a conditioner.

Warning: If you catch cold easily, then this is not for you:(Because it makes you catch cold!

3 Dec 2011

Lakme Fruit moisture Peach Milk Moisturizer

Winter is gonna start. The first enemy in winter is dry skin.So girlz, be equipped to fight it out with The Lakme Peach milk moisturiser. 

It has nutritive moisture technology (it says so).It has 7 hydrating agents, 3 essential vitamins, 3 anti-oxidants and 2 Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It is not greasy and it is absorbed well by the skin. In addition, it has an amazing smell. 
sry for the blurred picture:(

There are lot of ingredients (chemical names) given in the bottle. But we can understand some of them like Aqua, Castor oil, dry milk, Tocopherol (oh c’mon it’s vitamin E, learnt in school...) and that’s all I  comprehend.

About the package: The bottle is pretty and easy to use. But it is slightly difficult to get the lotion out of the bottle. No need to worry if you get more than what is needed. You can use it on elbows, hands, and legs too.
It claims to keep skin moisturized for 12 hours. Well, I didn’t notice it but the skin remains soft and hydrated for sufficiently long time (in my case it was 8 hrs overnight).

There are 2 more types: Peach and plum daily glow and Honey and avocado winter perfect moisturizers. These 3 are lotions(somewhat liquid). Lakme moisturizing Cremes are also available. 
It comes in 2 flavors: Strawberry night cream and  Honey and avocado. 
I wanna try these also(i like honey.yummy for skin...!). But the SA preferred Peach milk for my normal skin.

It comes in 60ml at Rs.79, 120ml at Rs.139 and 200ml at Rs.200.


25 Nov 2011

New Nivea fruity shine Pink guava lip balm!

Wanna have ssssoft and pink lips??? Wanna pamper your lips without spending much? Are you urgently in need of a lip balm to prevent your lips from drying and chapping? If your answer is yes for all these questions (or at least for one question:)) then what you need is the New Nivea fruity shine Pink guava lip balm! 
It comes in a cute pink plastic stick which is convenient for taking along with you. 
It comes in a cute stick with pink cap(so girly:*) It has a sweeeeet smell (and taste too!). It has shiny particles. But it doesn't look too heavy and shiny. It leaves the lips very soft and pink and makes them look fuller. And the stick is really looong. It may take several months to use up everything in that stick(even in daily use)! 

It can be used day or night. When applied at night, it gives OMG supple and pink lips in the morning! Really love it!
The pink color is very mild (see the swatch below) and it will look awesome on any skin tone. It is one of the products that I could rely upon!

Price: Rs.130 (its worth it!). I will definitely buy it again once it gets used up(but I've to wait soooo looong:()



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